Why I’m writing a blog

  1. I have an extremely short attention span. Like not just with doing work. I can’t sit through a movie for longer than 60 minutes without having to do something else. I know there are other people like myself, and having an easy way to learn about current issues could be helpful.
  2. I’ve made mistakes in my life due to lack of self-education and ignorance, and I’d like to help others avoid the same mistakes.
  • racism (due to an increase in anti-black and anti-Asian racism. To pay my respect to all people of the world who experience racism, I will not limit my discussion to just anti-black and anti-Asian racism.)
  • sexism (shoutout to all the women in my life. I came across an article about disparities between men and women in the workplace, and while I knew there was an inequality, I never understood the magnitude of it.)
  • climate change (pretty obvious here, we’re all going to die from some climate problem at some point)
  • economic inequality (how there is a system within the US that puts poor communities at a disadvantage, makes it harder for them to get a better standard of living)
  • affordability of health care (extremely difficult for middle and low class citizens of the US to get on a good healthcare plan)
  • investing (the way to create generational wealth is to invest your money. I never knew this, and I think it’s very important that people working jobs understand how to grow their money to support their family + later life)



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Wolf Rudder

Wolf Rudder

Trying to help people learn about issues in an easy-to-understand way.